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Business Visions provides a total office support service to businesses. With well over 20 years of experience, we offer a highly professional and competent service, managing and supporting all your business needs.


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Many business owners feel they should be able to manage their own business documents without help. Whilst they may hire accountants to handle finances, many feel guilty about hiring someone to deal with the day-to-day administration. However, a VA can free their time for marketing and working on the growth of their business, leaving them free to do what they do best.

"Lots of people have commented on how impressed they are with my PA, and Iíve been really surprised at the personal nature of the service - someone who really wants to help."

Most people running small businesses are familiar with the situation.
The more business they do, the more time they have to spend on administration and then they have less time to spend on running and developing the business. This rollercoaster ride is a real issue for all but the larger organisations who can afford to employ people to focus purely on their specific tasks. But these days companies like Business Visions can provide clients with a range of services that allow small business owners to concentrate on doing what they do best and enjoy growing their business.


Advice for the Small Businesses.

There are now so many options and offers from providers of design, hosting, marketing and other services for websites, that it becomes difficult to make an appropriate choice. Do you select on price alone (always a risky option, even where budgets are restricted) or do you look for more service options, where the price may be higher?

If you have little knowledge of the web, just taking the plunge without some basic research may mean you have to spend more money later, to get things put right. The problems can start with something as simple as purchasing a domain name, a necessity before you can have your own company e-mail address or website.

DOMAIN NAMES - You would think it would be fairly easy to compare prices of domain names before you purchase, but the advertised price is not always the price you actually pay before you can use it. For example, many of the larger companies have been heavily discounting domain names - but the fact is that they don't usually include the registrants' fees in their offers, and they are advertised as a year only, totally omitting the fact that you can't register a .co.uk for a year, it's a two year minimum.

Then there are the 'scams' from telephone callers, offering a domain similar to your trading name, but advising that 'someone else' is trying to purchase it. They then offer you first option on payment of anything up to £500, which any reputable company can offer you for £8-25.

'Locking in' of domains can cause other problems. Typically applicable to .coms, this means that the registrar doesn't allow moving the domain to another provider on your request.

Your domain name is very important - ensure that it is registered with a reputable company, preferably in the UK, and that you have the option to move it should it become necessary.

- We don't have the space here to talk about the many problems associated with web design, so we'll make it brief. In defence of designers generally, they will usually produce a good looking product, because you don't become a designer overnight and even basic design concepts cannot be learned quickly by non-professionals. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the finished article will promote your business as well as it might, or that you will be able to contact the same person in the future to update, or even locate, your site!

Using relatives, friends, business associates etc as an alternative, could lead to come strained relations if things don't go according to plan and it often becomes necessary to completely redesign the site anyway, which doesn't save yo0u money in the long run.

However you have your site designed, and particularly if your designer has also arranged web hosting with a third party, ensure that you have access codes and know who it is with; it could be hosted anywhere in the world.

WEB HOSTING - There are lots of web hosting companies available to host your website and provide your mail, most of these offer reliable services at varying prices, but because it is a highly competitive environment the type of service you require may simply not be available.

Many of these companies rely on quantity and in some cases, getting things done will not be instant and they may not help with design or marketing issues. If you hate navigating telephone answering systems and being number 16 in a queue, hanging on for an eternity to sort a problem, then think carefully about who you entrust your hosting with. And it's even worse if you can only deal with your problems by e-mail, you may never get a satisfactory answer.

So how do you avoid these problems? Well, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, if you have a good knowledge of what is required, you can use various web services with some degree of confidence. However, experience shows that many smaller companies have little knowledge of these systems and rely on the provider to assist them.

How much simpler then to have all of these services under one roof, designed specifically to cater for these smaller companies, offering guidance whenever required. Design, domain names, web hosting, mail and web marketing, always available to discuss particular areas of concern, not blinding the customer with science, visits to customer premises when necessary, and all at a reasonable price. Now that would surely be too much to ask? Wouldn't it?

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