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Business Visions provides a total office support service to businesses. With well over 20 years of experience, we offer a highly professional and competent service, managing and supporting all your business needs.


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Many business owners feel they should be able to manage their own business documents without help. Whilst they may hire accountants to handle finances, many feel guilty about hiring someone to deal with the day-to-day administration. However, a VA can free their time for marketing and working on the growth of their business, leaving them free to do what they do best.


"Lots of people have commented on how impressed they are with my PA, and Iíve been really surprised at the personal nature of the service - someone who really wants to help."




Without growth you are at the mercy of your competitors and market forces. A new competitor entering the market or the development of a new product or service to rival your own can seriously damage your business.

Business survival requires change, innovation, and identifying and creating new opportunities. In essence, growth doesn't just mean improving upon the business you already have - it means sustaining it and ensuring that your clients want to come back to you time and time again.

Achieving growth is not easy, but it is worthwhile. Business Visions provides a service for small and medium sized businesses, which can help you achieve this. Some things to consider:

Evaluate your current performance. The first stage for any growing business is to clarify how well the business is doing now.  Start by reviewing your core activities. What makes them different? What benefits do they offer? How might they be improved and how can you launch new ones? In particular, consider how effectively you are matching your goods and services to your customers' needs and what distinguishes your successful products from your competitors?

Next consider your business efficiency and financial position. Consider any internal factors that are holding you back and how these could be addressed. Look carefully at the way you are managing your cash flows, working capital and time! Do you have the right balance of money flowing in and out of your business or could it be used more productively.

Once you have analysed your business's current position, you will need to develop a clear growth strategy for taking your business forward. Ask yourself four questions - What's my direction? What are my markets - now and in the future? How do I gain market advantage? And what business environment am I competing in and am I portraying the right image?

Be innovative - There are many options available to businesses looking to grow. The most obvious is to consolidate your existing performance. Increasing market share requires a thorough understanding of your customer base and rival businesses. Your consumer and competitor reviews should enable you to identify areas of potential expansion, and ways to develop new services or improve upon existing services to make you more competitive.

Will the strategy work? Developing a growth strategy can be all consuming and there is a danger your closeness to the plans means you 'don't see the wood for the trees'. Try to take a step back from your strategy and ask yourself the following questions before proceeding:

Do you have the resources and capacity to make your business grow? For instance, will you need to employ more people, offer more training, move to larger premises or invest in technology? Do you and your people have the necessary skills to proceed?

Business Visions offers you access to additional resources and it is also useful at this point to get an outsider to 'sanity check' your strategy.

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