Academic Success: Utilising Transcription Services for Students

No matter what country a student resides in, the student will eventually be required to submit typewritten assignments. This is especially true for students obtaining a secondary or tertiary level of education. However, typing skills are not even taught in some schools nowadays. It is merely assumed the students will pick up keyboarding skills via use of personal computers, smart phones and ipods. Unfortunately, not all students acquire adequate typing and transcription skills in this manner. In some instances, even students who have sufficient typing and transcription skills lack the time to prepare the documentation in a timely manner. Nonetheless, the students must turn in neatly typed, accurate documents in a timely manner in order to achieve academic success.

Examples of Typewritten Assignments

For instance, consider how many types of coursework are expected to be submitted in typewritten format. Book reports, dissertations, essays, research papers, term papers, and focus group discussions are all typically typewritten assignments. Numerous other homework assignments may also require the use of typing and transcription skills. Each of these aforementioned school projects may have a high impact on the student’s final grades. Thus, how neat, timely and accurate the typewritten pages are help determine whether the student passes or fails the course.

Student’s Options

Students have numerous options as to how they complete the typewritten assignments. Those scholars who cannot type may invest 400-600 hours into developing their touch-typing skills and become master typists. Another option for the student is to have a classmate, friend, or relative do the typing. Although this is usually an inexpensive method, it does not ensure the work will be completed in the right format, be error-free or be done in a timely manner.

Alternatively, non-typing students, as well as those students who lack time, can hire a transcription service, such as Business Visions, to prepare the documentation for them. The student will still have to complete the fundamental assignment, but the transcriptionist can do all the typing and proofreading. In most cases, the transcriptionist can have the document prepared within 24-72 hours, depending on the size and complicity of the project. Many transcription services offer student discount rates. Moreover, the transcriptionist will typically guarantee a 95% – 98% accuracy rate.

Benefits of Using a Transcription Service

Numerous benefits are derived from using a transcription service instead of doing the typing yourself. Foremost, it reduces the stress involved with completing the assignment. Secondly, it frees up the student’s time and attention, thus allowing the scholar to focus on other academic assignments. Thirdly, hiring a transcription service provides the student with outsourcing labour experience, which will be very beneficial in various areas of the student’s adult life. Other benefits accompany hiring a transcriptionist to do the typing and transcribing as well. However, the benefits vary from individual to individual.

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