Are you still a bag man or bag lady?

Are you a bag man or bag lady…..

You may wonder what I am talking about or possibly be thinking about people who are sleeping rough… but would you be surprised to hear that there are bag people in the business world too!!

Just think when you are out and about and you buy something – what do you do with the receipt? Shove it in your purse, wallet or pocket?

What happens when you go through a drive-through? Just drop it in your bag or put it in your door pocket?

You have just parked your car – what do you do with the parking ticket?  How often are they left lost on your dashboard, stuck to the window or thrown into the glove compartment?

Then at some point, you decide you need all these receipts and shove then in a box or bag and leave them until it is time to do your accounts. Then you get invoices and delivery notes – guess what! They get shoved in a box or bag too! You may smile and laugh at this, but this is still common within business and then gets handed over to a bookkeeper or accountant to sort out.

But it doesn’t matter to us whether you put them in an envelope each week, in a box or even in a carrier bag – who cares? We can help you.

So don’t worry about being disorganised or just using a bag, we can take your paperwork whichever way you want to give it to us, and we will sort it out and help your business run smoothly whilst you concentrate on doing what’s important in your business…


All we ask is, don’t use a Bin Bag! Just in case you throw the wrong black bag out. 

Who knows you may want to move forward with turning your bag digital with our Cloud training course. For more information on our Paperwork Bag conversion services contact us today and we will explain how it works.