Fancy a beer or a glass of wine?

Fancy a beer or glass of wine?






Well it’s THURSDAY today and tomorrow is what’s called ‘POETS’ Day and a time to unwind and have some fun. But……


 No you can’t……


Well during this week you have been out and about, buying things (all those receipts shoved into your bag) and doing all this work for people (PAPERWORK to be done) and yet on ‘POETS’ day – what are you doing? You are beginning to think about all that work that needs doing like invoices, quotations, answering calls and what is happening….. Everyone else is having a POETS day drink or at home switched off with their family….

But don’t worry, we are here to help free up your time for a beer or a wine on ‘POETS’ day….

So, to discover how you can celebrate POETS day with your friends and/or family and claim back your weekend, either pick up the phone 01676 478140 or email us


Fancy a Beer or Glass of Wine?

Fancy a Beer or Glass of Wine?

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