Would you like to join me in the clouds?

Lets take your business ‘Sky High’?

How would you like to join me in the Clouds? Would you like to take your business “Sky High” and into the Clouds?

Taking your business into the Clouds where we take all the hassle out of running your business (the behind the scenes tasks of your company) providing you with all the Professional Services you need but never thought you could afford all with your mobile phone.

Did you know your mobile phone has a camera and it not just for taking photos of family and friends. How often have you taken photos for work but never do anything with them or wonder how to use them in your quote? Well now you can with our Digital Cloud Services offering.

When you are out providing a quotation, just take some photos of the project with your mobile phone. Then jot down the notes of the meeting and prices and take a photo of the notes you have made or you could use the voice recording on your mobile phone. Then using our secure Cloud service we provide you with, just save the photos into the Cloud and we will convert the notes into a formal quotation (attaching the photos) and email them through to your prospective client.

We can get that professional proposal or quotation done for you the very same day.

Another way of using our Cloud and your mobile phone is your paperwork.

Just take photos of your letters, invoices, quotes and receipts or other paperwork you receive and upload them to our Cloud. We can then create your office in our Cloud so you can see everything on the go and not wait for us to send things through to you – how impressive will that look to your clients or prospective clients when you are in front of them and show them all the information that so many other companies leave behind in the office.

So, why not let us here at Business Visions take your business ‘Sky High’ and reach for the Clouds.

To learn more about our Digital Cloud Services call us today.

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