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Are you a bag man or bag lady….. You may wonder what I am talking about or possibly be thinking about people who are sleeping rough… but would you be surprised to hear that there are bag people in the business world too!! Just think when you are out and about and you buy something … Continue reading

How would you like to join me in the Clouds? Would you like to take your business “Sky High” and into the Clouds? Taking your business into the Clouds where we take all the hassle out of running your business (the behind the scenes tasks of your company) providing you with all the Professional Services you … Continue reading

          Well it’s THURSDAY today and tomorrow is what’s called ‘POETS’ Day and a time to unwind and have some fun. But…… WAIT………….  No you can’t……  Why??? Well during this week you have been out and about, buying things (all those receipts shoved into your bag) and doing all this work … Continue reading

English (UK) words that are commonly misspelt: Acceptable Accidentally Accommodate Acquire Acquit A lot Amateur Apparent Argument Atheist Believe Calendar Category Cemetery Changeable Collectible Committed Conscience Conscientious Conscious Definite(ly) Disappear Discipline Drunkenness Embarrass Equipment Exhilarate Exceed Existence Experience Fiery Foreign Fourth Gauge Generally Grammar Grateful Guarantee Harass Height Hierarchy Ignorance Immediate Independent Indispensable Intelligence Its … Continue reading

Whether you are an established company or just starting out, in today’s competitive market place business owners need to focus on their core products and services and not allow piles of paperwork and administration to weigh them down. Identifying and addressing this essential requirement is Business Visions (BV) main focus by underpinning the needs of businesses … Continue reading

Numerous overwhelming duties accompany being a business owner.  No matter what size the company is, the proprietor acquires certain responsibilities and obligations along with the business’s benefits and profits.  A business owner’s primary duty is to ensure success.  But to ensure the business’s success, the owner must constantly: Oversee and/or carry out the business administration … Continue reading

Academic Success: Utilising Transcription Services for Students No matter what country a student resides in, the student will eventually be required to submit typewritten assignments. This is especially true for students obtaining a secondary or tertiary level of education. However, typing skills are not even taught in some schools nowadays. It is merely assumed the … Continue reading

Are you a business owner or a self-employed labourer – Nowadays, many people find themselves self-employed and working from home. Not knowing how to classify the work they do, some people refer to themselves as being self-employed labourers.  Some classify themselves as small business owners.  Their family and other members of society may regard these … Continue reading

Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant (VA) and how do you do it? Most business owners would love to expand.  However, to expand a business requires lots of hard work and time. Most entrepreneurs intend to get all the work done, but very few of us actually do get it all done. This is not due … Continue reading

The Vicious Cycles of Upsizing and Downsizing Have you ever wondered why the upsizing and downsizing of businesses and governments make such a huge impact on the various aspects of society?  Due to all of the recent media coverage of businesses and government upsizing and downsizing, I have given quite a bit of thought to … Continue reading

Business Success: Am I Comparing Apples to Oranges? – Trying to compare and imitate other business formats – does it work? I always wondered about the idiom “comparing apples to oranges” and wondered where it came from and why we use it. One internet site terms it as “Something which occurs when two items or groups of … Continue reading

Crowdsourcing: Are We Making Humans Obsolete? Will commercial crowdsourcing eventually lead to human obsoletion in the work force, despite its current numerous advantages. Crowdsourcing is nothing new, although its popularity as a source of cheap labour is fairly recent due to new Internet technology.  Originally, crowdsourcing (CS) was intended to be a way of tapping … Continue reading

What and When to Outsource – 7 Top Tips to help you decide what and when to outsource. Outsourcing necessary but time consuming business administration chores can make your business more productive, profitable and motivating. Many small businesses complain they are ‘drowning in paperwork’ from all the invoicing, chasing accounts, paying employees, dealing with HMRC, … Continue reading

Networking and Outsourcing: Have we come full-circle? A recent business statistical analysis written for Parliament by Chris Rhodes provided me with some rather interesting business information.  I was stunned by the fact that 4.6 million of the 4.8 million UK businesses were micro enterprises in 2012.  The analysis also reported that the majority of these … Continue reading

Did you throw away your money due to making common business mistakes? Sometimes it may seem like that is all you are succeeding at when you own or manage a business.For no matter what size business it is or how much expertise you have, you will make some costly mistakes once in awhile. Unfortunately, many … Continue reading

Multitasking: Are you trying to be a One-Man Band? Have you ever stopped to consider why employers highly value employees who are very adept at multitasking? If you have ever seen a one-man band, then you may understand why.  For you see, one-man bands may present perfect examples of how people attempted to multitask in … Continue reading

Do I Dare NOT to Work While on Holiday? The folly of working while on holiday. I recently read a BBC News article that was originally written in 2010.  According to the article Would More Holidays Be Good for Americans, the majority of Americans only get nine or less days of paid holiday per year.  … Continue reading

The LOST ART of Transcribing – should transcription be treated as a ‘lost’ art – how transcriptionists and transcribers were viewed throughout history. Recently, a friend and I were discussing how people frequently fail to perceive transcribing as a lost writing art.  Perhaps this failure is due to the common misconception that just about anyone … Continue reading

Outsourcing – the secret to working smarter, not harder for business success! – focus your energy and skills on what you do best. Ask anyone who has fulfilled their ambition to grow a thriving and healthy business what their secret is and they will tell you that they focused their energies and skills on what … Continue reading

7 Simple Ways to Generate More Enquiries for your Business – These 7 powerful principles have transformed the fortunes of many local businesses. Take a minute to read through each one and consider how they could benefit your business. They may seem obvious at first glance, but ask yourself… do you actually apply them on … Continue reading

What are YOUR Business Challenges? – Have you considered what your business challenges are and how you are going to overcome them. Focusing on doing what matters, what is important and what will get the biggest results. To get the business to a stage where I can take some time out each week, and a holiday … Continue reading

As technology develops and new ‘trendy’ methods of advertising become available, we are often looking at revolutionary ways of building our business and trying to find the newest tricks to win more business. Could the multitude of novel methods be clouding your strategy? Experience has taught me that to succeed you simply have to follow … Continue reading

What should be your free giveaway? It’s very interesting how opinions have changed over the last few years in marketing about what your free giveaway should be. I don’t mean the format it should take (i.e. report, e-book, newsletter etc), but what the topic should be and the type of people it should attract. I … Continue reading

If I ask most small business owners, they will tell me how brilliant they are at sales. All they need to do (they will tell me) is get in front of the perfect client and they’ll turn them into a sale. I can tell you from working with many, many small business owners over the … Continue reading

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