Just some of the Benefits of using Business Visions include:

  1. No need for you to supply office space – we work from our own offices
  2. No need to buy office equipment – we provide our own
  3. You only pay for the work that is done or a regular fixed amount
  4. You don’t have to worry about employment costs and all the relevant paperwork such as employers insurance, tax and paye, paid holidays, sick pay, maternity leave, or the other expenses of a permanent employee
  5. No expense or down time for training employees
  6. A unique partnership arrangement which allows us to anticipate your needs, saving you the trouble of constantly redefining your expectations
  7. We work behind the scenes, giving you the freedom to concentrate on building your business
  8. Working with us is the most economical use of your support services/company budget

Business Visions provides flexible support for businesses on a fixed-rate basis, with staff working from our own offices. Each customer is allocated an individual Assistant that you can use as much or as little as you like according to your changing needs. The emphasis is on a personal service, with your Assistant getting to know you and your business and working as an effective extension to your team.


Call us today for further information – we think you’ll be surprised at just how much time and money we can save you! If you’re not sure, then speak to some of our existing customers!


We do not outsource to other countries and all our team are UK based with English as their first language and based in UK offices. Outsourcing support or services abroad may be cheaper, but we believe cannot match the quality of well trained in house UK teams.