At Business Visions we recognise our responsibilities for both the long and short term effects of our business in relation to the environment. To this end, we have adopted a positive policy to promote the practical day-to-day commitment to the environment, which is reflected in the way we work, the materials and equipment we use, purchase, and dispose of.

  • Recycling waste where possible
  • Minimising waste generation by avoiding, or reducing to a minimum, the need to use consumable materials (such as paper).
  • The use of email in preference to (for example) written memos, letters and invoices.
  • Ensuring any hazardous waste (such as fluorescent light tubes) is carefully disposed of.
  • Efficiently using water and energy.
  • Recycling of all office printer cartridges.
  • Drinking Fairtrade Tea and Coffee
  • We work from our own office so minimal travel/fuel expenses
  • Educating and training our employees in environmental issues and the environmental effects of their activities.
  • Monitoring the progress of our activities in relation to the environment, and reviewing our environmental performance on a regular basis.

We recognise the enormous value of our environment and aim to conserve and enhance it so as to leave to the children of tomorrow what was left for us. All our activities are designed with this in mind.