Too much to do, but not enough time?

If only there were more hours in the day!

I’m over committed but don’t want to let anyone down.

Work, work, work!

Do any of these sound familiar?

Clever businesses from the smallest to the largest are boosting their income and profits by outsourcing . Business Visions can free-up your time and help you be more efficient and let you work on the growth of your business or role – in other words, leaving you free to do what you do best.

As a business support company we do everything an employee could do – from audio transcription, raising invoices, setting up databases, doing mailshots, sending faxes/emails, chasing debtors, diary management, telephone answering, typing, report-writing, dictation, event planning, arranging travel itineraries, managing regular customers, etc. – the only difference being that we are not physically in your office.

Business Visions works off-site for a wide variety of customers. Most companies prefer using Business Visions when there is limited time or they are overloaded with work, or they work from home themselves and do not want a full or part-time employee.

Consider this for a moment – finding (and keeping) a good Personal Assistant/Graphic Designer/Website Designer/Bookkeeper etc. can be a tough job – but is there a more cost effective and efficient alternative to hiring a temp or taking on an additional employee? It’s not always as simple as employing another person. You may not want an extra overhead. You may not have the office space and how do you find someone who can fulfil all the roles and complete the work you need help with? For many small/medium sized businesses, the answer is Business Visions and for the major conglomerates it is a matter of getting work done quickly and efficiently.

One of the key advantages of a Virtual Assistant is that he or she is able to work more flexibly than an on-site employee. There is also no wastage as clients pay VAs only for the time they spend working on their business, whatever the configuration of days and hours. However, VAs and on-site employees need not be mutually exclusive – a VA can make a valuable contribution to on-site staff’s output, especially at busy times. VAs can be called in to take on special projects or extra work at any time, can cover holiday times, maternity leave, long-term or even short-term sick leave etc.